License to Use

Composition Use for Dance Performances

Cernunnos' Reverie is pleased to be part of the dance community, and love to support and participate with this community. Part of this support is in making our music available for performances and classes. To that end, we have defined a policy for use of our compositions.

The following constitutes Cernunnos' Reverie's permission for use of Cernunnos' Reverie compositions. The provisions apply in their entirety and cannot be applied separately. Anything beyond these provisions is not permitted without formal approval of Cernunnos' Reverie. Please, contact us with any questions or if you are looking to use our music otherwise. We are open to a lot of things.

  1. Cernunnos' Reverie provides express permission to use our recordings for public dance performances and dance, yoga, and fitness classes for free.
  2. Credit must be given to Cernunnos' Reverie, the composition, and that it is copyrighted in any printed material.
  3. Cernunnos' Reverie would greatly appreciate a best effort in getting credit to Cernunnos' Reverie and the composition in the announcement of a performance.
  4. Any formal video of the performance to be made available for free or for a fee should include credit to Cernunnos' Reverie, the composition, and that it is copyrighted where the performance information is displayed or printed.

Dance your hearts out. It is an honor and a pleasure to be part of such a beautiful and vibrant community.

We would love it if you let us know when you use our music. And if there are any professional or amateur videos, please point us to them. It would be fun to see our music in motion.